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One out of every two Californians depends on Metropolitan and its member agencies for safe and reliable drinking water. That is a big responsibility, 在遇见它的时候, Metropolitan sometimes sources and acquires goods and services from outside partners. Equally important to our job delivering water, it is our fiduciary responsibility to the public. So when we acquire such outside goods and services, Metropolitan is committed to contracting the best possible product or resource, while maintaining our fiscal integrity through policies and procedures designed to maintain the public trust.

Metropolitan eProcurement Portal

Metropolitan procures goods, non-professional services, and professional services in accordance with Metropolitan’s Administrative Code and applicable government statutes and regulations. We have an e-procurement system that provides online access to competitive solicitations and results. Free registration is provided for vendors to access the system. You can check anytime for current opportunities.


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Acquisition Methods

Metropolitan uses different procurement methods to acquire goods and services including Request for Bid, 招标公告, Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications and Direct Purchase.

Protest procedures for our competitive solicitations can be found at the following links:

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Hiring Outside Contractors

Professional services that Metropolitan contracts out include engineering, 建筑, 法律, 人力资源, 审计, communications networking, and environmental studies, 等.

Procurement and purchasing contracts of interest to Metropolitan include fleet, 卡车和升降机, 管道和阀门, water treatment chemicals, 硬件和工具, electrical equipment, 计算机软件, landscaping services, janitorial and custodial services.

Metropolitan also solicits competitive bids from construction firms for our capital improvement projects.


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计划评审 & 竣工图

Do you need utility information incorporated as part of your engineering plans 关闭 to Metropolitan Water District’s properties, 地役权, 和基础设施?  

The 子结构的团队 manages and protects existing 830 miles of pipelines and other facilities and ensures that Metropolitan can continue to deliver reliable water through our distribution systems in Southern California.  Substructures provide engineering guidance to developers, 房主, and utility purveyors so that Metropolitan’s pipeline facilities and rights-of-way are protected, and our operations and rights-of-way are not restricted


To learn more about our substructure guidelines, request plan reviews or utility information contact our team at (电子邮件保护) or call (213) 217-7663.


Construction workers on scaffolding working on repairs of the Hinds Pump Plant


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计划评审 & 竣工图