资金 机会:


地球上的水量是相当稳定的.  它被使用、再利用和回收.  没有“未开发”的淡水供应.  扩大有限水资源的使用需要大量的创造力.  为了支持这些努力, Metropolitan has several incentive programs aimed at testing and developing different ways to conserve and extend the water we have available.



本地资源计划 大都会在区域内供应发展的关键是什么. LRP鼓励并加速水的循环利用项目, treat degraded 地下水 and desalinate seawater by offering direct incentives based on the amount of water produced. 的 projects help reduce demand for imported water supplies and increase water supply reliability regionwide. 我们目前在南加州总共资助了116个项目.

应用程序 are accepting on a rolling basis; member agencies can apply anytime as long as the program is active.

激励 业务:


这个项目为商业广告提供资金, 工业, 减少用水的农业和大型景观项目.  项目资金以节约的水量为基础.  奖励最高可达0美元.在项目生命周期内,每1000加仑每年可节省60加仑,最多可节省10年.  大都会通过WSIP资助了超过125个项目.


  • 安装商业或工业高效设备
  • 工业流程改进
  • 提高农业和景观用水效率
  • 水务管理服务


请在预计项目开始日期之前提交申请. 这将使我们有时间审查项目的资格, 在你的项目开始之前,有任何问题得到回答并批准资助吗. 这个项目的资金是有限的,申请不保证付款. Incentives are reserved for projects on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted.



如有疑问,请发电子邮件 美元Socalwater集市
或打电话 (888) 376-3314.



的 壹水奖励计划 is a water-efficiency awareness campaign to encourage businesses and other non-residential industries to participate in the 节水奖励计划. 一个特别的颁奖典礼庆祝过去的参与者和领导者在广告中, 工业, and institutional sectors who have achieved incredible water-savings through their funded projects. 的ir projects are located throughout the six-county service area and were recognized for their technological innovations, 环境管理和水的可持续性. 可以在此找到录制的活动和获奖视频 在这里


都市的 现场改造方案 provides financial incentives directly to public or private property owners in 都市的 service area to convert imported water irrigation or 工业 water systems to recycled water service. 十年的估计用水量每英亩英尺最高可获得195美元的奖励, 对实际改造成本有上限. Items eligible for incentives include project design; permitting; construction costs associated with the retrofit of imported to recycled water systems; connection fees and required recycled water signage. 已经在建设中的系统没有资格获得资助.

该项目采用先到先得的原则. 申请被接受,直到该计划的资金用尽. 一旦申请被审查和批准, applicants receive a notification that includes an estimated incentive amount along with a list of deadlines that must be met to qualify for funding. Incentive payments are made when all invoices and eligible costs are verified and the connection and use of recycled water becomes operational. 如果一个项目被取消资格, 申请人可以重新申请,只要项目不在施工中.

点击 在这里 申请及 这里是一个程序概述.  有关条款和条件,请单击 在这里.

问题,请联系 Jewls Lagman.




支持 研究:


作为大都会长期水资源战略的一部分, this funding program promotes technical advances to better prepare the region to adapt to future water supply uncertainties. 自该计划启动以来,共筹集了6亿美元.500万美元已授予大都会成员机构. 的 program has helped fund more than two dozen technical studies and pilot tests exploring innovative approaches to local water supply development in Southern California. 在回收领域的研究也获得了奖励, 地下水, 海水淡化和雨水. 

2023年FSA融资轮已经结束. 获奖方案将于2024年春季公布. Completed project reports and webinar recordings for the past round of 未来供应行动资助计划 studies are available below. 



2023 FSA188bet棋牌平台坊简报 

2023 FSA车间录音

阿纳海姆市-雨水捕获的区域评估, 治疗, 和入渗增强地下水

Calleguas Municipal Water District - Los Robles Golf Course Groundwater Utilization Pilot Study

Calleguas Municipal Water District - Arroyo Las Posas Stormwater Diversion Feasibility Study and Percolation Test


San Diego County Water Authority - Multi-Jurisdictional Optimization of Surface and Groundwater Supplies in the San Dieguito River Watershed

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District - Phase 2 White Paper: Tapping into Available Capacity in Existing Infrastructure to Create 水的供应 and 水的质量 Solutions

Municipal Water District of Orange County - Aliso Creek Smart Watershed Network Pilot Project

Eastern Municipal Water District - Purified Water Replenishment Brine Concentration Pilot Project

San Diego County Water Authority - Demonstration of Preformed Chloramines for Biofouling Control and California Toxics Rule Compliance

City of Fullerton - Demonstrating Virus Log Removal Credit for Wastewater 治疗 and Reverse Osmosis for Potable Reuse at OCWD

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District - Application of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to Advanced Water 治疗 Facilities for Indirect Potable Reuse 

West Basin Municipal Water District - Development of an Approach for the Evaluation of Brine Diffuser Shear Mortality 

San Diego County Water Authority - Carlsbad Desalination Plant Wedgewire Screen Pilot Study 



Understanding Wastewater 治疗 Performance on Advanced Water 治疗 Processes and Finished 水的质量 

Considerations and Blending Strategies for Drinking Water System Integration with Alternative Water Supplies 

Integration of High-Frequency Performance Data for Microbial and Containment Control in Potable Reuse Systems




大都会一直在寻找节约用水的好主意和方法. 这个以研究为重点的资助项目, 与南加州天然气公司合作, allows us to form partnerships with public and private organizations to evaluate the potential and reliability of innovative water-saving devices, 技术和策略. 

该项目以两年为一个周期. 2022年项目的最终报告将于2024年秋季公布. 我们预计下一轮融资将于2025年初到位.

有关ICP的问题,请联系 蒂娜安德利.




Sprinkled throughout 都市的 six-county service area are pockets of learning – conservation demonstration gardens, 本地花园之旅, school programs and community workshops all designed to teach about the importance of water.

的ir common thread is funding received through 都市的 社区伙伴计划, 哪个提供最多3美元,赞助社区组织,包括非营利组织, 专业协会, 教育机构和公共机构. Eligible projects include water-related educational outreach programs like community forums, 188bet棋牌平台坊及水节, K-12年级的水主题课程和用品, 课外项目, 展品, 宣传材料和本地植物和加州友好®花园标志.

Applicants who serve our disadvantaged communities – which represent about half of 都市的 service area – are especially encouraged to apply for sponsorships. 下载社区伙伴计划传单 在这里.